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We call ourselves Working Magic because it’s magic that brought us together, and it’s magic that we help our buyers and sellers create. We've heard it a lot from our clients (even before we landed on our name) - "You really worked your magic for us." We want to bust down the stereotypes of who Realtors are and how they serve. We are in it for the long haul and believe in the relationship imperative. We operate from a place of trust with people at the center. Without that, we can’t do our work. Led by the #1 broker at Portland's #1 brokerage office, Working Magic brings smarts, sincerity, strategy and sometimes silly to the table.

For our sellers: We look at a house through a lens of today's buyers. How can it show up - and by show up we mean disrupt - someone's scroll. Sometimes it's rearranging furniture. Sometimes it's a coat of fresh paint. Sometimes it's a full-fledged remodel. Whatever the case, we share our design-centric vision, line up the magicians and get. To. Work. We'll show you what to expect for ROI and your anticipated costs and profit. Our marketing is industry-leading and we treat each listing like a brand we are launching. We deliver a vibe we know will resonate with its target buyer, and that's at the center of our strategy. We create an experience for the senses, with custom playlists, scents and visuals.

For our buyers: We know how big of a deal this is, and we want to make sure our buyers are informed, empowered, and excited - whether it's their first house or 50th. The systems we've developed have been nailed and scaled to proactively answer questions and tee up crucial information before our buyers have to ask. Our steady approach and even-keeled professionalism give the guidance and consistency our clients need. Our respect and no nonsense but nice approach within our industry has built us a reputation of a team our peers want to work with. And our shrewd negotiation and strategic communication skills bring home the results.
We are heavily connected in our communities and bring a cadre of resources to our clients that extends beyond the transaction and the traditional. Our business is built from repeat and referred clients and every day we remember how lucky we are to be doing what we do. 

Founded by award-winning marketer and top-producing broker Gabrielle Enfield, we put people at the center of our business with storytelling, relationships, technology, experiential marketing, and empathy as parts of the Venn. With Gab's highly successful run as a TV journalist turned brand marketing exec, you'll get an approach to selling your home that stands out. Her experiences in strategic communications have helped the team build tools that place buyers in the best competitive advantage, with seamless communication along the way.

We’re smart, we’re strategic, we’re consistent, we’re kind. We're your Real Estate Magicians. 
PS: Wondering about the flying one-eyed monster? It's our all-seeing, all-knowing guide on the real estate journey. 
Founded by award-winning marketer and top-producing broker Gabrielle Enfield, 



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